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Music is the language of human desires, expectations and emotions and It affects the human body and soul and it can thrill all the individual emotions and feelings. When we listen to the particular song, we think about memories related to it and we go to another time and place. That’s when the song played an important role in our lives. and through this, are remembered all scenes, people, and emotions to us and It’s like being at the same moment and experiencing the same feelings again.

Nowadays, the most artwork is only trying to translate their concepts through visual visions. While sometimes these concepts are not transmitted correctly. and this issue reduces the artistic value of the artwork. To solve this problem, we used another perceptive member of the five senses, the hearing sense to help transfer the concepts in another way. As a result, you can accompany your artwork with your favorite music and get it across to the others.
The process of the method involves Playing music when people are watching the tableau to induce your sense to the viewer or through it, others listen to what you want to Keep your image in mind with a specific music.