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The human fascination to precious stones dates back to human history and they have always tried to use jewellery to show their strength and attractiveness. Jewellery gives humans a sense of beauty and self-esteem also enhance a person’s appearance and ultimately improve his self-esteem.
Today, jewellery is used in a variety of decorations that have a special position in life and because of their variety, they induce more aesthetic sense to humans. Therefore, we decided to create an unparalleled and lasting artwork by using the remarkable beauty of jewellery in works that are less appreciated to be sign of the owner’s artwork personality, as well as the unique art.
In this technique, by combining these two luxurious hand’s art, namely, rug weaving and jewellery design, a phenomenon has been created in the name of the jewellery rug that has the eye-catching jewellery also the beauty and virtue of the rug so you have a special artwork.