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“Are you looking for frame to your taste?”

“Are you looking for frame to your style?”  “Are you looking for unique frame?”

“We have a special offer to you”

The perfect frame can make a painting or a rug appear even more beautiful by simply drawing the right amount of attention to your piece. Selecting just the right frame for your artwork can be tricky, so we offer personalized mat and frame design to give your rug design a unique look, specifically designed for your home or office.

Dreamy Rugs offer a selection of shapes, sizes and thicknesses of frames. We have something to suit all tastes and styles. Because all of our rugs are bespoke you can combine frame and pictures to create something quite unique.


You can choose your frame with different designs and quality includes wood and silver. We also manufacture artistic frames upon request and then we can design your image rug on base of your frame.

You can choose from a variety of Frames that suites your style & taste.