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Luxury art for distinctive person

among the artwork created by the human hands, carpet has a history of hundreds years old. It is customary that the design of carpets, such as the paintings, depicts the nature, culture, tastes and artistic designer but there are vacancies in many of the designs, including the recording of human modes in order to remain in time.
The rug is not just a carpet but it is an artwork that created by combining the creative mind and artist’s hands to create thousands and even millions of nodes. This artwork not creates from the rapid movement of the brush on the canvas, but creates from the move of the weaver’s fingers between the warp, weft, silk, wool and yarn.

Dreamy Rugs is a family owned private company with over three generations of experiences working side by side as a designer, weaver and manufacturer of its accessories and materials in all types of rug and carpet and we focus on the creation of woven artwork, namely, rug. These artworks are less well-known among the world’s people and it offers an unparalleled opportunity for those who seek to make a difference and by recording own dreams, beliefs and needs, create special work from whom.

We maintain fully Handmade products whit natural materials and professional experts, taking every precaution that the quality of our artwork is FIRST CLASS.

Raw materials are harvested at the appropriate state of maturity, cleaned, dyed and present to design and production teams. Through our own sales team, you will be supplied with the products in direct route from growers to your house and office with the most convenient prices.

We take pride in having the most satisfied and loyal customers.
All over the world to those who are looking for the highest quality of Iranian carpet & rug at the most favorable prices, we send directly from origin to the clients in any country and any continent
Our Commitment to Service, Quality & Value: We recognize that our customers are individual companies and persons with unique and distinctive tastes and styles, that they tend toward art and artwork, seek to create difference between themselves and others and create art with their own standards. It is clear that in order to succeed, we must raise our expectations of quality, performance and mutual support. Companies and persons are looking for pure art, are composed of individuals with requirements and opinions that matter.