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The mechanism of seeing objects occurs when the light is reflected from the object to the eyes of the viewer otherwise everything will fall into absolute darkness. therefore after the sunsets the earth drops in the dark and many of the earth beauties are never seen. Unless they can somehow boast their beauty, not only by using sunlight but also using their own light.

The artwork in your house and office follows the same rule and at night they lose their beauty and appearance and they should be shown through an external light source. But with the help of new creativity, you can add this beauty to your artwork in the dark and give it even more beauty than day. As a result, you give a consistent beauty to your image and throughout the day and night, you keep the luminance of your artwork.

In order to create this inner luminance, we have put a light source inside your frame. So you can visualize your luxury artwork at night. It’s important to note that this is not an external light source but an internal source that belongs to your artwork and it will always be there.

It should be noted that this technique has the capability Which both continuously illuminates, as well as the appearance of external changes in the environment, including approaching people to the tableau.