We come to… for you

We come to create the difference for you,
We come to present a new art to you,
We come to create a new sense for you
We come to keep your memories
We come to show the Iranian art to the world
We come to create the wonderful image from you…

What we can do


Jewellery Rug

“New show of Jewelry”
humans are passionate about jewelry as it represented a symbol of glory and even social status and Jewelry has always made humans feel beautiful and confident.

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Gold Texture Rug

“New use of Gold in Rug”
gold has a large significance in the lives of many and since time immemorial, gold is held to be a symbol and representation of wealth, prosperity and power.

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Luminous Rug

“Creating light from inside”
Light is the most important element for recognizing the beauty of everything beautiful because nothing can be seen in the dark except darkness.

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Handmade Frame

“Glorious Hand Art”
Crafts are expressing the arts and taste of the people of each country, and you can achieve the the art of Iran by choosing handmade frames from dreamy rugs.

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Luminous Frame

“Capture the light on the tableau”
everything that is seen from the environmental beauty is due to light and brightness.

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Speaker Frame

“Innovation in Music use”
When words and pictures fail, music can speaks and introduces you to the new world…

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Natural Dyeing

“Increase quality by using Natural Colors”
In today’s industrial world, communication with nature is very important, especially in the use of natural colors.

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Embossed Pattern

“Enjoy the touch of design motifs”
Seeing is not done with eyes only.
we found new way to see… and you can see with your fingers!

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